Many legislative and regulatory issues are affecting the lives of everyone living and working in Idaho today.  There will be many more ahead as government wrestles with this fragile economy and skyrocketing costs for everything from energy and food to education and health care to housing and taxes.  In this election year it is extremely important that all Idaho voters become informed and understand how these issues and our government policies can impact our homes, our families, our farms and businesses, and our way of life.

In speaking with residents around the 25th district, you told me you want:

  • The ability to continue growing your businesses
  • A secure future for your children and grandchildren
  • The ability to move your goods from where they are grown and created to the end consumer on a well maintained transportation system.

Here are several specific issues I plan to continue working on in the upcoming session to represent solutions for the needs of the 25th District.


  • I will continue supporting legislation and policies to fund stabilizing Idaho’s aquifers.

 Funding for transportation infrastructure

  • On the Transportation Committee I will continue bringing and supporting legislation to address the funding shortfall for maintaining our roads and bridges

 Tax Policy

  • On the Revenue & Taxation Committee, I will continue voting for and supporting policies to have fair, equitable and consistent tax structure

 Business Development and Economic Development

  • On the Business Committee I will continue supporting policy that keeps Idaho a business friendly state.

In my first term, I have worked hard to live up to your expectations, and I am always available to listen to new and innovative solutions to solving issues facing the 25th district and the state.  You can contact me here.


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