Many legislative and regulatory issues are affecting the lives of everyone living and working in Idaho today.  There will be many more ahead as government wrestles with this fragile economy and skyrocketing costs for everything from energy and food to education and health care to housing and taxes.  In this election year it is extremely important that all Idaho voters become informed and understand how these issues and our government policies can impact our homes, our families, our farms and businesses, and our way of life.

There are many important issues that I feel must be addressed by the 2013 Idaho Legislature.  Here are seven that are on top of my list:
  1. Government over regulation.
  2. Health Care and Welfare
  3. Weak Economy
  4. State and County green energy siting.
  5. Funding for transportation infrastructure.
  6. State budgets to match income.
  7. Endangered species issues especially the sage grouse.

Your comments and views are important and matter to me as your Republican candidate for Idaho House 25B.  Local government is about you so please feel free to express yourself on any of the pages below, or contact me.

  1. Agriculture
  2. District 25 – local Control
  3. Idaho Transportation
  4. Idaho Water
  5. Magic Valley Commerce

I urge everyone to take the time between now and November 6th to learn more about the issues that affect you, your community and your state before casting your ballot.


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